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Bishop Michael McGovern

Bishop Michael McGovern

Ordained July 22, 2020

Bahama Donations/Hurricane DorianBishop Pinder from the Archdiocese of Nassau sent a letter to Bishop Braxton this week thanking the Diocese of Belleville for their donation. A total gift of $113,377.13 was sent to assist them in their recovery efforts after the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Dorian.  Bishop Pinder shares that “Just passing through the wreckage of homes, businesses, schools & churches leaves one numb & daunted. Not to mention the loss of life.” He says “...the gift is appreciated beyond measure.” He adds “...in fact, one of the best ways people can assist now—is by coming for a visit.” He also reports they have just recently begun to have Sunday services at one of the parishes on Abaco

A Word from Bishop Braxton:

“In 1990, the Catholic Diocese of Belleville issued its first written Child Protection Policy, which was later revised in July 2003. Over the last several months and years, we have carefully considered possible updates and clarifications. I am now pleased to release the attached revised Child Protection Policy, which updates the policies and procedures we follow to do all we can to protect our children from abuse. This revised Policy is posted on our website; www.diobelle.org/Child Protection/ Child Protection Policy.” … This Policy will be updated, if necessary, due to changing circumstances, deeper knowledge, guidance from his Holiness, Pope Francis, and decisions by our Episcopal Conference. I ask that you join me in continuing to pray for everyone whose lives have been harmed in any way by the greatest crisis in the history of the Catholic Church in this country. Prayerfully Yours in Christ, The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton Bishop of Belleville

Click here Child Protection Policy to access the policy

Respect Life  Bishop Braxton's letter on HB40: State funding of Abortion