Special Blessings


Easter is the season of new life. We are so blessed as a parish with all the new life that is ours. Gabriel & Luna were baptized at the Easter Vigil. Trinity, Alexander and Calyssa received First Communion on Mother’s Day and Gabriel received at the Vigil. Alison, Amelia, and Caleb were confirmed April 29th at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Gabriel was also confirmed at the Easter Vigil.

Let us celebrate the New Life that is ours.2019

This is to inform you that I arrived in Sri-Lanka safe & sound. I wish to thank you very sincerely for all that you did, to make my U.S.A holiday enjoyable and fruitful. I thank you for organizing for me to celebrate two Masses, video shows & coffee parties at Holy Spirit Church. I really had a wonderful time there. I thank you for the financial contribution you made which will enable me to do better service to the young people through Subodhi, Institute of Integral Education of which I am the director. Fr. Victor Thank you! 2019

Laura Bateman Fundraiser The fundraiser for Laura was a great success and we are so happy that she was able to join us!  Many thanks to all who were a part of this great event!

Words of Thanks from Laura & Eric Bateman We are overwhelmed! We are so happy for all the love and support that has been shown us. We have been blessed since February 6th when we learned of a potential donor. We consider February 7th her second birthday, the day she received her new lungs. Everybody came together for the benefit. It brought joy to our hearts to see how happy everyone was to be able to do something for someone else. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude.