"Let us be renewed by God's mercy...and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation, and make justice and peace flourish."

- Pope Francis

Mass Times

Sunday: 9:00 am
Wednesday: 8:00 am or 6:00 pm or TBA
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Before Mass and by Appointment
Rosary: Sunday 8:30 am
Holy Days as Announced

Office Hours

Tuesday thru Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: by appointment
Other Times by Appointment





There are no upcoming scheduled events.

Daily Scripture readings

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Prayer Time



 We ask that the time prior to mass remain quiet for our moment of prayer. We would love to join in conversation with friends and family in the hall prior to and after mass.



Mass intentions for 2019

As we begin this new year of 2019 the calendar is open for mass intentions. Remembering our deceased loved ones at mass is a wonderful gift for them. It reinforces our belief in the Communion of Saints. Contact Mickey Edwards or Sr. Phyllis to schedule masses for 2019. 

HOMEBOUND AND BEREAVEMENT COMMITTEE PLEASE HELP US SERVE OUR PARISH……………… The Homebound and Bereavement Committee would like to make a difference for our parish. If you know of health or spiritual needs within our parish; such as, a friendly visit for Christian fellowship, the Eucharist or a card from our parish, please call the Parish Office at (618) 985-2900 or cell (618) 925-5099. Our parish nurses are available most Sundays for blood pressure checks and consultations. If you would like a wellness/home visit by a parish nurse, you may call the parish or you may call or email the parish nurse directly. (Parish nurse numbers are located on the front page of the bulletin). So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9


 Children of Apparition Our Lady of Fatima

100 year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima and Children of the apparition- 2017  

protect life  Bishop Braxton's letter on HB40: State funding of Abortion


 BE informed about your Catholic Diocese, By subscribing to THE MESSENGER! Support your Catholic faith in southern Illinois by subscribing to THE MESSENGER. Subscribe by calling THE MESSENGER at 618-233-8670. To subscribe online go to www.bellevillemessenger.org (which can be found on our website- CATHOLIC LINKS, MESSENGER)

 More events and details can be found in  MENU/ ABOUT/ EVENTS or CALENDAR or the BULLETIN

Fr. Mohr 50yrs Celebrated

Fr Mohr 50 yrs celebrated 2017. Thank you Father Mohr for letting us be apart of your life of help, healing, direction and hope!

Did You Know?

 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal Accepted Year-Round Heartfelt thanks to all those who have responded with gift to The 2018 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal, we are truly grateful. If you have not already done so, there’s still plenty of time. One-time donations or pledges—in any amount– are needed and accepted year-round! Our seminarians, people served by Catholic Urban Programs and Daystar Community Program, the youngsters at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School and 10 other ministries and programs are counting on your support. Donations can be made through your parish or online www.diobelle.org. Please consider making your gift TODAY!

Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal ...Using your gifts to serve one another On behalf of the ministries and programs funded by the CSMA and those they serve, we thank you for your prayers and continued generosity to the 2018 campaign. Thank you to all who donated to CSMA during the Christmas Season. We are still short of our goal and the deadline for donations is the end of February 2019. Please consider a gift to this worthwhile fund which benefits our parish each year. We will keep you informed of our progress! 

Kroger logo Kroger Community Rewards Sign up today! There is no cost to sign up and the 18 households that are using this produced $110 in 3 months HOLY SPIRIT #DA123 Call 800-576-4377 or Krogercommunityrewards.com and have your Kroger Plus Card handy.

Holy Spirit T-Shirts For some time now, the pastoral council has been considering how we as a parish might be more visible with the Carterville community. They are making available the purchase of T-shirts with our parish logo. This might be a wonderful Christmas gift for members of the parish. Order forms are available on the giveaway table. If you have questions, please contact Ben Craft.

Novena for Transparency & Healing A Novena is an ancient devotional praying in Christianity. It is repeated in nine successive days or weeks. Those praying a Novena make petitions, implore favors, or obtain graces by asking intercessions. PLEASE JOIN US EACH DAY AS A PARISH FAMILY TO PRAY FOR TRANSPARENCY AND HEALING OF THE SEXUAL ABUSE CRISIS.

Did you know you can find information of the Saint that is being celebrated on our website?? Go to NEWS and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the link portraying the Saint that is celebrated that day.

Sr. Phyllis 50th Jubilee

Sr. Phyllis 50th Jubilee celebration of ministry- 2018

A Word from Sr. Phyllis

 I thought you’d like to know as we took down the nativity scene this week there were some wonderful packages placed next to the manger. They were pillows made of good acts of kindness placed there by the Pre-K and Kindergarten PSR Students. We thank our teachers for initiating this project. We all value the time we spend together for Coffee and Donuts. It’s a time to get to know and enjoy one another. It’s a grand time to build community. It’s a time we guard with great care. We also guard and protect our great treasure…our children. Each year we are mandated to provide Child Protection Training for our children that they might recognize ways they can guard themselves. That training is scheduled for January 27th during our regular PSR time. It is necessary to divide the children in two groups; Pre-K through 4th grade and 5th grade through 8th grade. One group will remain in the Bleyer Building for class while the other group will meet in the Parish Hall for the Protection Training. Once a year we will relinquish our wonderful Coffee and Donuts for the protection of our children. 

We have received word from the Diocese of Belleville about a Catholic Gift Annuity program sponsored by Catholic Extension. It introduces a way for planned giving and legacy gifts with no risk, cost or administrative burden. These annuities are guaranteed by Catholic Extension and the parish will receive 90% of the annuity residuum at the death of the donor. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction for a portion of the gift and receives fixed payments for life with a portion of those payments being tax free. You will find more information on the give-away table.

The challenge is to recognize our family as a Holy Family. It’s as Fr. Brown said a couple of weeks ago: “God rejoices in you!” God rejoices in your family too, with all its ups and downs. A healthy family finds its love spilling beyond the household to many others. The more a family grows in love, the wider that circle of love becomes. We are gifted with our natural families, but we are called to expand our hearts to include all who share this planet with us. As we look forward to a new year, there are outreach projects that we commit ourselves to for a year at a time. Please visit the give-away table where you will find a sign-up sheet for The Lighthouse Shelter. On the refrigerator in the kitchen is the sign-up sheet for setting up Coffee and Donuts. Our heart-felt thanks goes to all who donated poinsettias in memory of loved ones for Christmas this year, 2018. 



Someone to pick up donuts and prepare the coffee

Assistance needed at the at the Lighthouse Shelter



Pray everyday to end abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty


I know there is but one Mind, which is the mind of God, in which all people live and move and have their being.

I know there is a divine pattern for humanity and within this pattern there is infinite harmony and peace, cooperation, unity and mutual helpfulness.

I know that the mind of humankind being one with the mind of God, shall discover the method, the way and means best fitted to permit the flow of Divine Love between individuals and nations.

Thus harmony, peace, cooperation, unity, and mutual helpfulness are experienced by all.

I know there will be a free interchange of ideas, of cultures, of spittle concepts, of ethics, of educational systems and scientific discoveries - for all good belongs to all alike.  I know that, because Divine Mind has created us all, we are bound together in one infinite and perfect unity.

I know that all people and all nations will remain individual but unified for the common purpose of promoting peace, happiness, harmony, and prosperity.

I know that deep within each person the Divine Pattern of perfect peace is already implanted.

I now declare that in each person and in leaders of though everywhere this Divine Pattern moves into action and form, to the end that all nations and all people will live together in peace, harmony, and prosperity forever.

And so it is! -Ernest Holmes

ROSARY of LIFE Pray the Rosary

As the nine week Novena for The Abuse Crisis Accountability, Transparency and Healing comes to an end for us this Sunday, the Knights of Columbus are taking the lead to pray for our church throughout the world. Each time they meet quarterly, they will pray the rosary before their meeting. All are welcome to join them for the Rosary!

Let us pray….God our Father, graciously accept from your humble people a thankful heart and spirit. Everything we have and are able to share with others ultimately comes from your love of your creations. Often we think that everything we have is our own creation; we ask you this day to create in us a spirit of gratitude, that we may always know that all good gifts come from you. Amen

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