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Parish School of Religion & Youth Group

OLMC/HS Youth Ministry

We, the catechists of PSR, children of the word and the youth group shared with OLMC focus on educating and inspiring the youth of the teachings of the Catholic Church.  

We share faith, hope and love through an inclusive, positive and creative enviroment led by wonderful adult role models.

We prepare the youth for the sacraments of reconciliation, first comunion and confirmation. The youth lead mass through PSR and participate in the choir.  They participate in many service projects throughout the community to include volunteering at Gumdrops, Herrin House of Hope, and leading food drives to donate to local pantries to name a few.

We meet the needs of our youngest members by dismissing those under the age of 9 at the time of the homily for their own liturgy of the Word.

We help them to focus on the days readings in ways that are age and understanding appropriate.

If you are a youth or an adult from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Herrin, IL) or Holy Spirit (Carterville, IL) and interested in youth ministry, we would LOVE for you to join us at OLMC/HS Youth Ministry on www.Facebook.com.  This is the place to stay informed on upcoming events, see photos of past activities and suggest our next adventure.

Parish School of Religion registration. (print and return one of the forms. Either PDF or DOCX format available)

2022 PSR registration form (word)    2022 PSR calendar (word)

2022 PSR registration form (PDF)      2022 PSR calendar (PDF)

7 Things Every High School Graduate Should Hear

1. Live with intention. College will be full of new opportunities. Think carefully about your priorities for your new start.

2. Make the right friends. There will be plenty of new people! Concentrate on the ones who motivate you to be a better person.

3. It's a big world! Look for new perspectives, new opportunities, and new ideas that push you to grow.

4. Find a mentor. Building relationships with people who have "been there, done that" can be a great help.

5. Give yourself away. You may not need to volunteer anymore, but you'll be surprised what you learn, how you grow, and who you meet when you serve.

6. Before you go, learn how to do your laundry, address an envelope, schedule a doctor's appointment, use public transportation, and cook basic meals (ramen doesn't count!).

7. Remember that God is in control. And that's a good thing!


TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Calling all Juniors and Seniors in High School. TEC is a three-day Catholic retreat for young adults of Southern Illinois. To learn more and/or to apply visit: www.bellevilletec.org